Outdated time and attendance systems cost you money! Find out why

How Outdated Time and Attendance Systems Cost You Money

When browsing the internet I often stumble upon many self-proclaimed prophets claiming to know “the secret” or next “big thing” to helping you save money and helping grow your business. Like Bernie Madoff fed the masses what they wanted to hear, I often find that most of what is preached, at its core, is what in the industry could be considered sales jargon. To me, the real secret to helping you grow your business and saving money is through increases in efficiency within your operations.

Whether efficiency is found through re-engineering of company processes, through new improved management methods, or technology innovations, efficiency is at the core of the solution to helping businesses boom.  There are many examples of more efficient methods throughout history redefining how things are done today and, in turn, leading to business booms. One needs only look at Henry ford’s revolutionary assembly line method which led to mass production of cars at the time and overall success or Toyota’s innovative lean manufacturing system, which is a standard for manufacturing cars today, to see that efficiency breeds great returns. So, you may not be a Henry Ford or have the resources of Toyota but, you can implement more efficient methods of timekeeping within your operations. Read more


Yes! Our favorite time of the week has come! We love technology here at Easy Clocking and rather than do the time warp, this week we’re unveiling how to request and assign Paid Time Off within Easy Clocking’s Cloud Time and Attendance software.

For those of us awaiting our next holiday vacation (Brazil cough* cough*) Easy Clocking makes it simple to request, assign, and approve time off request of employees.