Easy Clocking’s Time & Attendance Software Release Notes 2.13.1 (October, 31, 2015)

Release Notes

Below you will find Easy Clocking’s time and attendance software release notes for the 2.13.1 release. Our company is constantly looking to make improvements to our Time and Attendance suite if you have any additional comments or concerns please feel free to reach out to us directly by phone or by comment!

Fixed Issues

Report Margin

We have expanded the Margin space on the left and right side of the Period Schedule report.



EC20 ehanced enrollment process/clocking in and out with reader

There are a few changes when enrolling via Biometric Data in the software and clocking in/out on the main page whilst using the EC20 USB fingerprint scanner; java is no longer required. Instead the application will run off a driver. If the user does not have the driver installed, a link will be included in the Biometric data section for them to download it. The enrollment/clocking image has been changed as well. The new image will occupy where the Java enrollment slot would load and steps for enrollment will populate to the right of the image.

English Pound symbol

UK only – The English pound symbol is now populated on the employee timecard as well as on the reports.

Add absences on Timecard and Schedule

In the past, only the absences that did allow negative hours would populate in the drop-down menus when attempting to apply an absence via the timecard or the schedule tab. Now, ALL absence types, whether allowing negative hours or not, will populate in the drop-down menus. NOTE: THIS IS A PER-USER FEATURE. WHEN SELECTING MORE THAN 1 USER, THE SYSTEM WILL ONLY POPULATE ABSENCES THAT DO ALLOW NEGATIVE HOURS.

Email notification when admin disapproves Employee’s Timesheet

The employee will now receive an email notification when an Administrator/Manager disapproves a timesheet. The email notification will state which Admin/Manager made the disapproval, the time and date of the disapproval and the reason why.

Notes on Timesheet

If an Administrator or a Manager disapproves of an employee’s timesheet, the reason for the disapproval is now available to the Employee and will appear on a notepad to the left of the disapproved by manager slot.


An administrator will now receive a warning when they are attempting to allot more hours that what the employee has available within any absence type. “The total amount of hours allotted should be less than the available hours. Are you sure you want to Apply the absence?”


Easy Clocking’s Time & Attendance Software Release Notes 2.13 (October, 17, 2015)

Release Notes

Below you will find Easy Clocking’s time and attendance software release notes for the 2.13 release. Our company is constantly looking to make improvements to our Time and Attendance suite if you have any additional comments or concerns please feel free to reach out to us directly by phone or by comment!

Fixed Issues

Who’s In

In the past, the Who’s In tab would include Time sheet employees by default. Now, Time sheet employees are excluded from the Who’s In tab altogether.

Detailed Report

Before, the detailed report would produce time in minutes regardless of having selected ‘view in decimals.’ Now the option is carried out correctly and time can be viewed in decimals.

Rounding – Show Original Punches for manual rounding

In the past an Administrator/Manager could choose to display original punches on the Report for automatically rounded time, only. Now, the same option is available for manually rounded times.

Accrual dates

In the past, when selecting the same dates for both the Start date of the accrual and the carry over date, it would run the accrual first and then the carry-over would kick-in, thus wiping the accrued hours for some employees.

Clear filtering

This option is now working correctly. Before, selecting “Clear filters” would not actually clear anything and you would have to clear the cached data, then refresh the page.


Custom Absences Worked

With this new release, any specified absence type can be considered as regular hours and counting towards overtime.

Worked Absence Hours

With this new release, any specified worked absence can be counted as OT with a multiplier on the rate amount.

Email Absence Notifications

In this new Release, Managers and Administrators will be able to specify whether or not to Receive Emailed Absence Notifications via the Access Level or Administrators tab.

Notes on Time Cards

Administrators and Managers will be able to add notes on the Time Card per day, as opposed to per Punch only. This is useful when the employees are using multiple Projects/Job Codes.

Absence Request Warning

Administrators and Managers will now receive a pop-up warning if they are attempting to approve an absence where the employee is requesting more hours than the amount that they have available.

Roll back Lunch on the Time Card

If an Administrator or a Manager wants to have any employee work through their Lunch/Break, they now have the option to override the software’s time card, automatic deduction.

Add Time option on Time Card

Instead of having to navigate to the ‘Add Time’ tab, you can now add time directly from the Time Card Settings.

Search for Shifts

When creating schedules, you can now search through the drop-down menu for previously created shifts.


Note: We are still modifying the verbiage/text within the software. Example: When approving time cards, it will say “Approve and Lock” instead of “Approve.”

Location Hashtag

Now we accept the Hashtag (#) character when creating Location codes via the Software Settings tab.

Special Jobs Type

With this new release, an administrator/manager can specify “Special Jobs Type” with guaranteed hours, under Job Tracking. This feature will work well for employees who are “On Call” or are called in at random to work on a day where they are not normally scheduled to work. If the employee works less than the amount of guaranteed hours for any given Special Job Type, the software will round the employees worked hours to the guaranteed amount.

Expense and Capital Job specification

Now you can choose to specify between two Job categories, Expense or Capital, for Job codes.


Group By Shift

You can now group report information by employee shifts via the Report Settings. Employees will appear in groups according to the shift worked.

Timesheet Job Category filter

When populating Timesheet reports, a new filter option for “Job Category” is available. You will be able to sort between Capital and Expense.

Timesheet Group by

New option is available to Group by Job Category. Employees will be sorted into Expense and Capital Job categories.

New Timecard report type

Shift Detailed – Detailed report generating the Name of the shift worked, and the time In and Out for that specific shift. Time audit trail detailed – Generates a report displaying the specific times that have been edited by different administrators/managers. Displays what admin/manager made which changes.