Easy Clocking’s Time & Attendance Software Release Notes 2.10 (June 13, 2015)

Release Notes

Below you will find Easy Clocking’s time and attendance software release notes for the 2.10 release. Our company is constantly looking to make improvements to our Time and Attendance suite if you have any additional comments or concerns please feel free to reach out to us directly by phone or by comment!



Update to Overtime Calculations

With this release, a new field is added to choose between a shift or a workday based overtime calculation. Specifically for California customers, we added the ability to calculate overtime either by workday / workweek or by a continuous shift in a day. OT by Workday – A workday is a consecutive 24-hour period beginning at the same time each calendar day, but it may begin at any time of day. The beginning of an employee’s workday need not coincide with the beginning of that employee’s shift, and an employer may establish different workdays for different shifts. However, once a workday is established it may be changed only if the change is intended to be permanent and the change is not designed to evade overtime obligations. Daily overtime is due based on the hours worked in any given workday; and the averaging of hours over two or more workdays is not allowed. OT by Workweek – Any seven consecutive days, starting with the same calendar day each week beginning at any hour on any day, so long as it is fixed and regularly occurring. “Workweek” is a fixed and regularly recurring period of 168 hours, seven consecutive 24-hour periods. An employer may establish different workweeks for different employees, but once an employee’s workweek is established, it remains fixed regardless of his or her working schedule. An employee’s workweek may be changed only if the change is intended to be permanent and is not designed to evade the employer’s overtime obligation. OT by Shift – When an employee works a continuous number of hours in a day or across days, usually 8 or more, and when the overtime calculation is based on this. The default behavior of the system is based on shifts.

BUG FIX – Overtime weekly based on shift

OT2 weekly calculation after the 6th consecutive day, for a cross date shift going to the 7th day, was considered wrongly for the 7th day OT2 calculation. This only happens if the OT2 calculation setting used a certain number of hours on the 7th day for overtime qualification.


BUG FIX – Timesheet Report Export to Excel

Timesheet export to Excel now displays time in hours properly. There was a bug in Excel which displayed hours in milliseconds and sometimes as “hh:mm”.


BUG FIX – MYOB Payroll Export

MYOB payroll export now correctly shows the absence types on the correct days.