January 18, 2016 easyblog

In Remembrance of Martin Luther King Easy Clocking Wishes You A Happy MLK Day

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Martin Luther King Day is much more than just a federal holiday. The man behind the day was a standard bearer for equality and paved the way for other great leaders to follow. Through his advocacy for non-violence and racial equality, Martin Luther King brought together a troubled nation.

Through one voice Dr. King channeled  the pains and anguish of millions, teaching  us all equality, tolerance, and to love our neighbors no matter their race in the effort of bringing democracy to all Americans. Through His actions, Dr. King helped solidify the great myth of the United States truly being the land of the Free wherein great opportunity lies and dreams can be made  into reality.

Easy Clocking wishes you all a Happy MLK Day and inivites you to remember the great man that is Martin Luther King, Jr.

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