The Most Affordable time of year to visit the 39 most popular cities in the US

Got the travel Bug? Well , you’re in luck because Hipmunk recently released a study identifying the ideal times to visit some of the most popular cities in the United States. Lucky for us Floridians we have 4 choices of cities to go vacationing or as we like to say in Florida staycationing to. Hipmunk looked at three factors: the average cost of airfare, the price of a three-night hotel stay, and the weather temperatures.

Keeping each of these in mind Hipmunk put together the following list of the top 39 travel destinations and the times of the year they believe are best  to go and visit. The question to ask though is should everyone decide to abide by this study would these destination times still be the most ideal times?

Scroll down to see the best time to book your upcoming trip:

ANCHORAGE, ALASKA: August and September

Anchorage, Alaska
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How an Automated Time and Attendance System Can Help You Stay ACA Compliant

Affordable Care Act

The holiday’s are finally over and you know what that means… It’s time to get back to work! 2016 should be a very important year for small businesses across the country. With changes being mandated by the the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to time and attendance processes, our sales team here at Easy Clocking has begun receiving more and more inquiries with regards to becoming ACA compliant.

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Easy Clocking Tech Thursday: How To Video Series- Granting Access to the Employee Portal

Our first ever Tech Thursday is here!!!  While not exactly at Bill Nye’s level of science mastery, we will be releasing interesting  technology posts every Thursday wherein we explain something… Gadgetty??


We’d like to present this week something about our Cloud Software, a How to of How to’s… Drum roll Please *DRUM ROLL*, How To Grant Access To The Employee Portal!


How To Trim Payroll Without Layoffs The Easy Clocking Way


Having read Diana Ransom’s article on “How To Trim Payroll Without Layoffs” it got me thinking, businesses worldwide essentially all want the same thing in relation to payroll… To find the easiest and quickest ways to trim payroll costs without having to lay off valued employees. Being a provider of Biometric Time and Attendance Solutions we at Easy Clocking can help do just that by providing Smart time management software and hardware. Ok, so I know what you’re thinking but we’re paid to say this, can we prove it? Let’s go over some of key points and you be the judge.

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